Heliogabale's Yolk Cover

All Lyrics by Sasha Andres


Oh Johnny… Addict ! Acid acts and alcohol attracts ! A doll adrift and you amble alone. A big straw take an amount of crap. Make a mix of it all and swallow, dirt yourself. Bullet in your belly ! Drinking the alcohol to spit towards the sky. Bullet in your belly ! You’re too pure ! I’ll paint you dirty, Bullet in your belly !


You’ll soon discover the best waltz’ occuring there behind ! With or without a dick, the same hole there defy ! Freakish style is you dig, shit, sperm, blood will melt ! You’re tailed or fingered, you lick the floor ! Screw me, screw me, till you drop ! You’re tailed or fingered, you lick the floor ! Sodom’s index. Sodomy. Air ! Your head’s digging earth while your brain’s knocking at saints’ door ! Air ! I filled my belly with a hundred of big roses. Yin-Yang.
One has one, one has two holes ! Second is : or in cunt or between balls ; unsparing in see-saw motion but rumor smears the pure ; hog’s advice is grunt of tepid pleasure and  » please don’t go too far !  » Freakish style is over rump waltz. Blond and long and strong, she is for god waiting for him. Sodomy. A new state, with or without a dick, same hole defy / freakish style. Tching-tchang. Screw me, screw me till you drop ! Till you drop !


Silly all those teets, no kid ! Do see what’s happening : botch milk ! Do feel all that loss : just prick ! Do feel all that milk : oh, no ! She’s not the kid, just cow ! Now, I’ll be the woman for all the men, I’ll give you warmth and love and blood. Red milk and lust and warmth as much as you’ll need it. Do see what’s happening, your tears are empty, just cow ! I’ll give you at least mah life to share, that flesh of offered seconds, to share that road even for just a few steps, you know, I’ll give you my blowing and maybe you’ll keep the taste. I’ll be the mother of you if you need it, to share milk, to share milk. Silly state of woman, they could help all the thirsty dying kids. Silly all those teets more than I will see ! I give you my life to share the bore. Silly state of mind, I will share that  » you « . Silly all those teets, you just feel like a cow ! You just feel a cow ! Silly all those teets, D’you feel all that milk, d’you feel all that loss, you’re just a cow, botch bosom. .


Brion Gysin and his dream machine, filling your head, shaking your veins. This is not real, but it jerks you, in light jogs the dive is real, in a jiffy the juice’s sliding in head, colours in jowls, hollow time, dogs on a favour, you’re like fist, digging and digging / you dig your hole in a few steps, imploring pupils / the wild boys, red alert in bleeding, cut up the trail, APO 33. We’ve stayed there all dead / you’re not falling in red alert but the dive is real and shaking all beasts, I’ll shake / ‘s turning air suddenly you’re diving, suddenly you fall, suddenly you see lines and it turns / I blow your arms to heart, you’re the red alert, your dick bleeds off / I will shake all of the sick birds, I will find the secret of all the beasts, I wanna leave that earth / cut up the trail / APO 33 / APO 33.


Oh stop ghetto, hard tale that old fingers caressing paid flesh. Who’s been slamming the door ? Who’s been slapping the whore ? Who’s been hiting / shark, bitch ink / who’s giving a judgement and turning ink on Jack’s hip ? Who’s been hiting your back ? Who’s been stealing Jack’s knife ? Here’s the silly’s that kind, he had, he had, he had a judgement on anyone, you know  » hat « . Stay, Bill, who’s been hiting bump’s dawn ? Who’s been hiting niggers ’til their sweat to glow ? O dad had a few songs for me ; they talked about night life and ’bout bloody shirts, dad, who’s been judging ? Who’s been hiting niggers ? Who’s been the prude-tail ? Daddy ! Daddy ! Your telling harm tell wrong till it tasted back ; hook the feeling when watch. Oh beggars ! Crooked old fingers. Greedy belly, red face, tell ! to hear you’ve hide-tongue, you’ve hide-brain-hole, you’re a shame ! Oh stop ! Who’s been slamming the door ? Who’s been slapping the whore ? Who’s been farting in bed ? Who’s been hiting niggers till their sweat to glow ? Who’s been hiting the bump ? Who’s been judging all men ? Who’s been pushing ? Who’s been the silly ? Who’s Bill ? Shit ! Oh, poor Bill !


Oh where… shit that powder… I’m cold… where are you ? Naked blue body true bill, I’m a daily harm. You’re the hard way ’cause true I will shake you too. Not even notched, giving the tone, not even notched. I’m home, I’m cold blue, naked city that’s rolling till harm. She’s there, in her tub, just floating in her blood plunder. True all that day, I say  » too « , grew the bully hound. Naked blooming, scared too, shaking in each howl. It’s to organise your pain on shade. Oh too I’m cold blue. I’m liquid there in the tub, livid heart. I’m a slanting slope where’s Nick the stripper. I’m feeling horror, mum it’s not sitting that way you too I will show ring two. You tried to kill the years, and switched and now you rant. I turn veins, put it there, floating neck although I’m spelling I’m oh cold, but you’re not shaving all those tongues. Down here there’s hope trails . White. Punk Ophelia in her powder’s taking her last bath, punk Ophelia in her tub’s taking her last bath…


I’m confounded by the stuffed veins and down here there is hope trails and your feet are walking blind disturbing the sublime dust printing the weight of the rupture between the slapped and the slapper. Feet in the sewers, hands long thick walls, head in the smog, your powdered arms touch me as your howls touch the birds, the strings hurt, I’m too precarious / printing the weight of the rupture. I will stay off your heart, hands long, thick walls shade, totally blind. Strings hurt like rain and the rhythm kisses the thunder stuffed veins.


X… x… it’s been a very hard ascent, it’s been a very mad affair. But your dick ! In my thighs ! In deep throat ! You’ve been searching so many weird things, you’ve been waitng so many years, now your cock / is my kick ! Take bodies like meat at butcher’s, cut inside normal with your knife and eat ! Take your knife and kill ! Oh slow ! I creep ! You’re here ! Oh steady… you’ve been a very hard affair, it’s been a very mad assault ! But your dick ! Oh slow ! Try to understand this anger, motor’s out of real, take your knife and kill ! Your fears ! Oh slow ! In my hips ! It grows ! Shake me all over, oh lover stay / your fears ! Oh slow ! My hips ! Has all blown ! Mow me !


Hey, Marie, don’t be sad ! Put your head on my shoulder, you know that place is sure for god. I’ve got a few stories that could make you laugh ! Take some wine and I begin ! I’ve got that one, occured last night at that gig. You will laugh ! Hem… it begins like… hem… I’ve that guy… I was… this is hem… hi ! My name is… hem… I could give you my phone number… d’you know that… I’ve forgotten his name, but… d’you know… I said… hi… oh shit I’m so impressed… problem to talk… that guy was so dicky ! I talked about your depressing state… hey ! You’re listening to me, guy ? So I… hey Marie that wine… hey Marie ! I just saw your smile, bye-bye ! After that, I began to be rude again, hey ! Who do you think you are ? You’re lucky it’s noisy here ! Hey, Marie ! Take some wine more, and I begin the story… another one… again the same one… hey you, man ! You sing like a donkey, you deserve someone to tell you that truth ! Then I see you and laugh ! We’ll turn years out of might. Hey ! Remember that song, was called  » Jeff « , if I had Jacques’voice, if I… if I had his voice I’d dare to shout it for you, we’ll dry all the pubs of that bloody town, ’til you have forgotten your lost love, Marie. For me you’re the best friend. You know, how two girls can laugh together ! I was so silly ! Who do you think you are ? Hey, Marie, laugh ! You’re the best friend !


Hey you remember ? We said two years. Now two years are over, it’s time to leave each other as we swore. Don’t look for logic reasons they’re never good and anyhow we both hate guilt. Stay home, you will flare up the broken heart. You’re too tied, I will take you to the line. Stay high, kiss me and I will swallow. I’m too hard, but maybe you’ll dive soon in other holes. I still love you, your kisses I adore, your deep and fresh eyes. I’m too lost to say what I really wanted before. I pray till  » oh, stay « , maybe you’ll keep the taste of winds. It’s to you, you’re the one I’ve wait’ for , all true. But I’ve been your wife one day and forever, I’ll blow on you to raise your wings. Be god a good fellow if he keeps you right, for a while or for god it will be all right. You’ll keep the taste of wind beats. Be god a good fellow if he keeps you right for a while or for god it will be last time stay alone, stay babe, you just cut me I did that way, we wear the child on brain. Maybe you’ll keep the taste of that  » our river called hope  » horse shape. Be god a good fellow, stay home twin-two, I will stay until the last seconds of death. Come home we’ll share, adore you, adore you, chumy, kill me, now, loud, hard but before you leave, stay home to hear the rhythm of mah heart bleeding, I quit…


Traumreiz / Wo bist du Bruder, warum bist du tot ? Was kannst du hoffen wenn du nicht mehr traumst ? Spielen und trinken, dich zu erbrechen. Du bist ganz verrückt, und dann zum unglück nur die Lüge und Leere. I wanna hug you still. Don’t – leave – floor – our – blood – will – pay – ready for hugs or needle, ready for a hard fall. End and preen, fall and come, freeze in more eye, digging mouth on our burst telling high. She said, mother’s mouth, roll and hold, give your flesh, head on shoulder, knocking shrunken hole, throwing marmalade. Oh deed from deep down, amble along, stead.


Where are slipping all the howling dogs, witches open their holes, their howling holes. Tongues like tommy-guns, tacky-tabby cats. Rustle of lips, and rumble of hips, misuse my lands, horse mettle, be merciless. Cubble my curves and fuddle my words, then haunt me hard. She invites you in her lunch… Today, I invite you in mah… lunch.


Kein Anfang keine Ende. Die Frau am roten Kleid tanzt rund am Kirsch. Sie will und dann sie will nicht mehr. She’s been fucking for so many years, her hole needs rest ! She’s been roaming so many roads, her boots need rest. Oh, she can inhale and then so break / No beginning no end. She’s been roaming so many hours, her head needs rest. Get along, Madame Edwarda is there, ooh ooh shake too hard, she’s fault tone, and you know about the hog-dance. I’m foolish blind, kein Anfang, I’m a dead day. Ooh too hard ! I’m totally just down / Oh no ! Bosom irgendflesh, she just does it. Oh and thick lust… Die Frau am roten Kleid. She’s been fucking so many years, her hole needs rest. Oh she says  » don’t « . No beginning / no end. Oh treat me right ! Oh please please ! Treat me right ! No matter you’re a woman I’m gonna drink you / Treat me hard… All right…