HELIOGABALE Rewind, video de Jacques Guinet, 2011.

HELIOGABALE Iconography of Wings, video de LittleTroubleDreo, 2012.

Heliogabale – Iconography of Wings (fan video feat. Les Amants du Pont-Neuf) from viv on Vimeo.

HELIOGABALE à la Miroiterie, Paris, 23 mai 2011. Traumreiz.

HELIOGABALE au Point Ephémère, Paris, novembre 2010. Hunting.

HELIOGABALE à l’Embobineuse, Marseille, novembre 2010. The slapped and the slapper, Juicy fruit.

HELIOGABALE O my friends, video Paul Meursault 2010.

HELIOGABALE live @ Point FMR December 3 2005.

thanks to Nicolas Laureau, Eric Minkinnen, Jean-Pierre Fabris & everyone who appears in this vidéo.

Shot at l’Arapaho, Paris, 1997. Featuring Didier Petit on the cello…

Another song of the groundbreaking album by Heliogabale using samples. « inside forest » is performed during their french tour in May 2000 in Reims (MJC Paul Claudel).

Heliogabale supporting Boss Hog in Paris (l’Erotika, october 1995). the song is : Holy Liquid Link.

The end of Heliogabale’s free concert in June 1994 at La Villette with first drummer Klaus (rip).